Xenia Tchoumitcheva

Xenia Tchoumitcheva for TFI

Hello Xenia, and thanks for giving us this interview and to be one of the first influencers to support our project.

Businesswoman, model, influencer. Who is today Xenia? What are your current and future projects?

CHICoverdose first of all, then I am the testimonial of many fashion, luxury and accessories brands and behind the scenes I am developing my e-commerce to sell products (both mine and in collaboration with other brands) through my online platform to all of my followers. Beyond that I am a tv presenter and I love making speeches on branding and female leadership at various universities, to various kinds of audiences.

Which characters of fashion and business have influenced your career as a model and entrepreneur?

I love what Miroslava Duma has built, but I’m also a big fan of Oprah.

You placed second in Miss Switzerland contest and you worked, among others, for JP Morgan. How did you succeed in reconciling in your work two worlds so different?

I think I’m a curious person, who has a passion for work and productivity and both the economic-business world and the fashion and beauty were always part of my life. In fact, parallel to my modeling career and online personality, I’ve never left school and I graduated in Economics. Now I take advantage from what I have learned in my work every day, from business management to the negotiation of contracts with various brands.

TFI is a ranking based on the interaction of social networks. How much have they influenced your life and how do you use them for your work?

A lot, and I care very much about this ranking, because my fans are all true and grown organically. An analytical way to prove it definitely gives me an edge. All the brands I work with are interested about the reach and engagement of my fan base, and I really want to communicate with my followers on a daily basis.

As an entrepreneur and fashion influencer, do you find it useful to be part of the rank of TFI?

Surely! I hope that will help both the brands and bloggers to orient themselves in the jungle of social networks.

Thanks for your time and a big good luck for your career!

The same to you for your super project!